The Task of Cleaning the Silos


Every year food and drinks manufacturing and processing (FDMP) in the states is growing. A recent government study shows that it accounts for over 9000 companies in the US. And silos play a significant role in this industry and also in agriculture. It helps in storing bulk storage for supplies such as flour, sugar, grain and animal feed. They protect the product in a stable condition and reduce the risk of deterioration from microbial infestation, contamination or rodents.

It is essential that high levels of silo hygiene are maintained on a regular basis. It does not only save you from the high risk of infection due to a number of materials collected in silos but also to protect the end consumer.

Cleaning a silo regularly is required to prevent the build-up of product residuals on internal facades, which can create ideal conditions for microbial growth and the breeding of Stored Product Insects (SPIs). SPI’s is the main factor which spoils the stored commodities worldwide, causing serious problems for farmers and food manufacturers. They start becoming a danger for the croppers as they start consuming large amounts of food as they develop. This can cause a significant reduction in the weight of the product, which results in a major loss of revenue. Eventually, SPI infested grain which is provided and supplied for human consumption can be lowered due to physical damage and the reduced nutritional content of the products.


How to clean a silo?

The cleaning of silos can be a difficult and challenging task. Hence, it is important to remember that the buildings must be unloaded before cleaning, and so planned into downtime. When undertaking these enormous structures, the health and safety of cleaning professional are very important, as the risk of injury or accident is very high. A company or an individual need to ensure the use of the correct ATEX rated intrinsically safe equipment is very important. This equipment is essential when working with dusty foodstuffs such as flour. As the electrical equipment has the potential for a spark which ignites dust particles and can cause an explosion.

The most effective method for cleaning silos is to have someone enter inside the unit. A team of three is standard who can enter the silo and the entry technician being winched into the main chamber and supported by a winch man. An expert team will use a third person who will record gas readings and assist in case of an emergency. The air inside need to be tested by gas detectors before entering the structure, as it may be oxygen deficient and unsafe to enter. Since, ventilation is the prime key to reduce the amount of product that can stick to the sides of the silo.

Once specialist operatives are safely in the right place, the actual process of cleaning the silo is relatively straightforward, the same as cleaning any large storage area. It involves dry brushing, scraping and the removal of waste. The cleaning process can also result in a large quantity of dust, which can increase the cleaners’ risk of lung conditions. P3 particle masks are therefore essential for anyone conducting a silo clean.

It is recommended that the entire specialist are employed, insured and fully trained. While entering the space entry, they need to be trained about any troublesome situation. This makes commercial sense as costs are set to minimal, silo downtime is reduced and the risk to employee’s health and life is kept as low as possible.

Since it is not an easy job to clean a silo, an expert company is required at all cost. If you are looking for a commercial silo cleaning company on the internet, you will find Action Duct Cleaning company as the most reliable and trustworthy company. If you want to know about our performance you can read the testimonies on our website. For more info,


The Importance Of Getting You Commercial Dryer Duct Cleaned By Professional Cleaning Company


The ownership of an apartment building makes the owner responsible for various things like maintenance, cleaning, etc. Many apartment buildings also have space for laundry. To maintain the functionality of the laundry room, the owner will have to maintain the cleanliness of dryer duct.

The cleaning of the dryer duct needs to be done on regular basis. This is because the dryers are the most used machinery in the apartment buildings. Sometimes the residents of the building use these dryers and washers without a care which makes the regular maintenance more important. The dryers are also loaded with dirty clothes due to which there can be a lot of dirt in the duct of the dryer. If the dirt is allowed to accumulate for a long time, there are chances that the dryer might stop functioning. The repairs can cost you a considerable amount of money, but if you get you get the dryer duct cleaned regularly, you can avoid a bigger expenditure.

Apart from the expenditure on the repairs, your building and the people living inside can be at risk because of the dirt in the duct of the dryer. Because of the dirt the airflow gets blocked, which can cause the dryer to overheat. This may lead to a fire and cause a major accident.

Dryer duct cleaning should be done on annual basis to make sure you don’t get into a major trouble. You can clean the duct on your own but commercial dryer duct cleaning is a more suitable option. The professional cleaners can clean the dryer duct more efficiently and in less time. The professionals also have the equipment which can reach into all the corners of the duct. No matter how hard you try, without the equipment, it will not be possible to clean the duct completely. Trying to clean the duct on own can also cause damage to it, which cannot be covered by insurance. The professionals are trained to clean the duct without damaging it, and even if there is any damage, the commercial dryer duct cleaning company would be responsible for paying the damages.

How To Figure If It Is The Right Time To Get Your Dryer Duct Cleaned

If you notice things like:

a. The fabrics are not drying in usual time

b. There is an unusual hike in energy bills

You should get your dryer duct checked by a professional cleaning company.

Action Duct Cleaning Company

If you are willing to get your dryer duct cleaned efficiently, you can put your trust in Action Duct. We use various equipment and techniques to clean your dryer duct. Lint-removal equipment and duct work crawling are some of techniques and equipment we use. We make sure that the duct is cleaned and no dirt is left behind. Apart from cleaning, the safety of your duct is also our responsibility. To get a cleanup for your commercial dryer duct contact Action Duct today.

Perks Of Hiring Commercial Duct Cleaning Service For Your Workplace


Maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is extremely important to the success of your business. It sets you apart and reflects the productivity and inspire confidence in professionalism among workers. Any progressive business management will find that it is a good idea to hire a commercial duct cleaning service to ensure that your office premises gleam with a sparkling environment. Here are the proven perks of seeking out commercial cleaning service for your workplace.

Commercial Cleaner Can Clean It All

The biggest advantage of hiring commercial cleaner is that you are aware that all the cleaning task will be well-taken care by experts. Such cleaning service providers will always have experienced and professional employees who understand the need of cleaning a commercial property. From emptying the duct, sanitising the pipes, vacuuming, they are expert in cleaning any type of ventilation passage and ultimately leaving your workplace looking clean.

Reduce The Pressure Of Managing A Cleaning Staff

Hiring a commercial cleaning service prevents the responsibility of managing permanent cleaning staff for your company. It helps management to concentrate more on other business aspects which are important. Also, commercial cleaners specialise in all the cleaning duties of commercial buildings which a regular cleaning staff with no professional experience may fail to understand well. Commercial duct cleaning service is simply a call away and it’s very easy to arrange these professionals to visit your office and perform the cleaning task on the go. For a longer run, hiring commercial cleaner is much cheaper than in-house cleaning staff to whom you will have to pay monthly salaries. This helps in huge saving of both your time and money that you can reinvest into your business for better profits.


Commercial Cleaners helps in Reducing Stress

If your office is clean, it makes the environment healthier and active because it’s psychologically connected with a positive feel and more organised. But there are hidden germs and dusts inside the duct which needs thorough cleaning too. With the properly maintained schedules, there is no need to call cleaner every month.  The cleaning job is performed with a planned schedule that does not disrupt your operations.

The bottom line is once you hire the cleaning staff of any commercial cleaning company, you can feel relieved because cleaners will ensure that your office looks spotless and stays in the same condition until the next schedule.

Commercial Cleaner Comes With Their Own Cleaning Equipment

Action Duct Cleaning Company is one of the oldest cleaning company in California. With the commercial duct cleaning service, you do not need to buy or manage cleaning supplies. The cleaners come well equipped with professional machines, supplies and high-end equipment which are not even known to regular people. The cleaning professional understands pretty well what area would need a gentle wipe with detergent and where to put pressure that also confirms the detailed approach of these commercial cleaners. Use of eco-friendly products by professional cleaner is another added perk which is healthier for all the workers in the company as well as for the consumer. Pick up your phone and call on the toll free number 877.704.4371 to get all your queries answered by the experts.

Simplify Your Silo Cleaning Process By Hiring Professional Silo Cleaners


If you are planning to set up a silo or already have one then you have to know how to maintain it and manage it efficiently. Usually the common type of grains you can store in the silo include rice, cereals, mustard, pulses and others that are staples in your daily diet and are produced in a huge quantity. People use the silo for bulk storage of the food grains and things like fermented feed. Depending on your requirement, designs and budget you can choose the right type of silo from different types of silos. Steel silo is the most common one but if you are concerned about the budget then steel or concrete silo is not the right choice as they usually are high in cost when compare to the metal silo. Apart from these options you can choose from the available options such as glass reinforced plastic, cement, fabric, low-oxygen tower, modular silo and concrete stave etc. For people who cannot manage the investments on bulk storage can look for other efficient storage options according to their needs such as synthetic storage, gunny, plastic or metal drums and others. Taking a professional help is a good option when it comes to maintenance of silo. So choose quality service providers who handle  the silo cleaning services for your needs. Whatever the type of silo you choose may be there are few things to keep in mind while selecting a silo. The storage type must have proper roof that protects the things stored in it from rain, dust and other elements. Filling system must reduce the damage of grains. The aeration system must be sufficient for conditioning the dry gains. Floor in the storage system must be concrete. Structure of the storage must be in good condition to provide sufficient storage and walls have to control the moisture. Unloading system of the storage must be easy so that the stored things can be extracted without any hassle. It must give protection to the grains from things like rodents, insects and birds. If the type of silo you choose satisfies all these things then it is easy to maintain and clean it every time.


No matter what the silo storage type may be you have to consider in maintaining it efficiently. Mostly the silo operators do the maintenance on their own by doing regular checks to ensure its effectiveness. They consider the things like hoop size, space for storage, cracks, pest control measures and other technical issues. Most of the storages are generally waterproofed and so they don’t need any additional measures but if the issues are present then moisture sealing methods are used to fix them. Silicon type sealant is used in the sealing process to protect the stuff in the storage from outside elements. While installing the aeration equipment the floor level must be selected correctly and wire mesh is used by many operators to avoid the cracks. Proper aeration is needed to keep the grain temperature so it is also checked. Insect control process includes using the techniques such as sanitation, chemical control, natural resistance and other things that control insects and rodents. Storage efficiency is not a simply or affordable task for silo operators as they are many things they have to keep in mind. It is important to have a good experience in the field to install the system in the right way and maintain it properly. So look online for silo cleaning professionals who offer the silo cleaning services in a reasonable price. Most of the reputed and experienced silo cleaners have all the required cleaning equipments and other things needed for effective maintenance of the storage. These experts can handle the issues in the storage along with cleaning it regularly.  The silo operators can save lot of money by hiring a professional instead of planning to do the cleaning process on their own and buy all the cleaning equipment required for doing it. On the other hand the professionals can simplify the cleaning process as with their experience they can do the day to day maintenance easily. Usually it also saves the daily maintenance expenses of the storage. The silo operators needn’t have to spend lot of time on the maintenance as everything is done by the silo cleaning professionals.

Choose Proper Duct Sealing Technique That Keeps Your Duct System Efficient


Do you want to keep your duct system in a good condition? One of the common way to keep it efficient is to choose a right type of duct sealing technique. The need of heating and air conditioning is always there in most of the areas so it is necessary for these units to work properly in any climates. No matter what the season may be having an efficient duct system in your building is important. The large pipes in series that channels cooled air from air conditioner and hot air from the furnace are known as ductwork system. This duct work system must be properly sealed when you want your HVAC system to work effectively. Leaky ducts cause considerable loss of conditioned air and waste your money. That is why you have to keep your HVAC system in a good condition by choosing a proper duct sealing technique. Aeroseal duct sealing technique is one of the commonly used solution by most of the reputed HVAC professionals. But before choosing it you have to notice some symptoms that indicate possibility of leaks in your duct system. Foremost symptom is unexpected high cooling and heating bills. If you think that there is inconsistency in cooling and heating then there is possibility for problem in the duct system. Unusual conditions in the room such as large quantity of airborne dust and other particles and problem in maintaining consistent and proper level of cooling or heating in the rooms also indicates a possible problem in the duct system. The duct can have problem for some issues such as when they have visible damages, they are loose or detached and missing. Poor insulation or un-insulation of the ducts in some spaces like crawl spaces, garages, attics and unfinished basements can be another reason for problem in duct system. When you have leaky ducts then there is huge risk for dangerous gases and carbon monoxide to escape into the rooms. So it is important to hire a licensed HVAC professional for regular check up of your system.


The professionals not only assess the condition of your HVAC system but also check the problems with ductworks. If there is leakage or cracks in your duct system then they do the necessary things to make it work again. They do duct sealing for fixing leaks, cracks and other problems in the duct. The ductwork sealing projects include few steps such as check the length of the duct system for possible leakage or any other problems, repairing or replacing the ductwork sections that are damaged, tightly connecting the loose sections, ensure that the sections are fit without any gaps, fix the bent or twisted ducts, sealing the holes, openings and cracks formed in the ductwork. Then they secure the duct connections at all the vents, registers and HVAC unit. Apart from that they check whether all the connections and joints are properly sealed with special sealants or metal tape. Using standard duct tape is mostly avoided as it stops working over time. If the ductwork is insulated with a firm fiber board or a role insulation then it will stop the energy loss from the metal of the duct system. Most of the licensed and experienced HVAC companies offer a complete range of services for HVAC that the HVAC users can rely on. Some of the professionals also use latest techniques for sealing the ductwork such as Aeroseal duct sealing. Know more information on the duct sealing techniques by contacting a HVAC professional and find the right solution for your needs that keep your duct system efficient. When you choose a professional company for duct evaluation and duct sealing it is important to find a qualified one as such companies know the right way of doing the process. Even the old HVAC units that don’t work to their full capacity after using for some years are evaluated to improve their performance. Replacement of the unit is suggested if it is completely damaged. When the whole HVAC unit fails to work then you will be left in extreme temperatures and even the air in your room will get polluted if the system is not working correctly. This necessities in hiring a qualified HVAC professional for regular evaluation and maintenance of your HVAC system and the ductwork system.

Why To Choose A Quality Commercial Duct Cleaning Service For Your Business


Most of the business owners do many things to keep their office environment suitable enough for working peaceful. Cleanliness is one of the crucial thing that helps in creating a pleasant working environment in your office. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is a good option because it can do the cleaning job in a proper way. There are many benefits in choosing a professional cleaners instead of doing the cleaning job on your own. If you have already realize the importance of choosing a quality commercial cleaning service then you want to search for a qualified cleaning company for your business or else it is beneficial for you to know why you need to hire a professional for a cleaning job. Duct cleaning is one of the crucial thing to consider if you want to breath good quality air in your commercial building. The indoor spaces have more polluted air when compared to outdoor spaces.

Due to this reason you have to give importance to duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning. When you want to breath high quality air in your building and prevent allergies or illness caused from pollution then cleaning the air duct, HVAC system and other air channels is quite important. Apart from that you have to consider in cleaning your carpets and other stuffs that usually attract air borne particles, fine dust and dirt. Health issues such as cold and cough are caused mainly due to allergens in air and they are present in the HVAC system of your building. So you have to consider the duct cleaning and HVAC cleaning on a regular basis.  However it is a difficult task to maintain a HVAC system especially if you don’t have time or proper knowledge to do it successfully. Sometime the cleaning job will take lot of time to complete if you don’t have the right type of cleaning tools. Doing the cleaning job on your own is also not possible if you spend lot of time in your office. It is a good idea to choose quality commercial duct cleaning service and aftercare service for your business when you cannot do the cleaning job on your own.

Using the right type of professional cleaning brushes, vacuums and blowers is required when you have to clean the air channels in the AC, heaters and dehumidifiers. The professional duct cleaning service providers know how the cleaning equipment’s work and where to use them in the cleaning process. So whatever actions they do during the cleaning process it won’t cause harm to your system. To avoid damages they first clear the floor and then remove the duct before cleaning it. Dust and other particles present in hose are carefully removed and treated with a quality disinfectant. In case if there are some severe issues then the duct cleaning company may make use of chemical treatment. During the chemical treatment they have to check whether the chemicals used for the treatment do not interrupt the air circulated in the indoors or else they can cause some health issues and allergies such as asthma and lung infections. Choosing a qualified and experienced duct cleaning company is quite important if you want to avoid such problems. How to identify the right cleaning company? Even though there are lot of cleaning companies in the market it is important to know that not all of them are qualified to do your job.

Before hiring any cleaning company you have to identify whether it is suitable to satisfy your need or not. Instead of directly signing a contract with it you have to check its background before hiring it.  The commercial duct cleaning service provider of your choice should have a good work experience with reputation of offering quality services. If you are still not sure about a company that you want to hire it is a good idea to contact the employees working in the company to know how well they are trained and what they do to clean the unit properly. You can even take a look at the cleaning equipment’s to know whether they are modern and work efficiently. Most of the cleaning companies have many employees so your office cleaning job can be done by them quickly. To obtain such benefits you have to research online before hiring any cleaning company.