Choose Proper Duct Sealing Technique That Keeps Your Duct System Efficient


Do you want to keep your duct system in a good condition? One of the common way to keep it efficient is to choose a right type of duct sealing technique. The need of heating and air conditioning is always there in most of the areas so it is necessary for these units to work properly in any climates. No matter what the season may be having an efficient duct system in your building is important. The large pipes in series that channels cooled air from air conditioner and hot air from the furnace are known as ductwork system. This duct work system must be properly sealed when you want your HVAC system to work effectively. Leaky ducts cause considerable loss of conditioned air and waste your money. That is why you have to keep your HVAC system in a good condition by choosing a proper duct sealing technique. Aeroseal duct sealing technique is one of the commonly used solution by most of the reputed HVAC professionals. But before choosing it you have to notice some symptoms that indicate possibility of leaks in your duct system. Foremost symptom is unexpected high cooling and heating bills. If you think that there is inconsistency in cooling and heating then there is possibility for problem in the duct system. Unusual conditions in the room such as large quantity of airborne dust and other particles and problem in maintaining consistent and proper level of cooling or heating in the rooms also indicates a possible problem in the duct system. The duct can have problem for some issues such as when they have visible damages, they are loose or detached and missing. Poor insulation or un-insulation of the ducts in some spaces like crawl spaces, garages, attics and unfinished basements can be another reason for problem in duct system. When you have leaky ducts then there is huge risk for dangerous gases and carbon monoxide to escape into the rooms. So it is important to hire a licensed HVAC professional for regular check up of your system.


The professionals not only assess the condition of your HVAC system but also check the problems with ductworks. If there is leakage or cracks in your duct system then they do the necessary things to make it work again. They do duct sealing for fixing leaks, cracks and other problems in the duct. The ductwork sealing projects include few steps such as check the length of the duct system for possible leakage or any other problems, repairing or replacing the ductwork sections that are damaged, tightly connecting the loose sections, ensure that the sections are fit without any gaps, fix the bent or twisted ducts, sealing the holes, openings and cracks formed in the ductwork. Then they secure the duct connections at all the vents, registers and HVAC unit. Apart from that they check whether all the connections and joints are properly sealed with special sealants or metal tape. Using standard duct tape is mostly avoided as it stops working over time. If the ductwork is insulated with a firm fiber board or a role insulation then it will stop the energy loss from the metal of the duct system. Most of the licensed and experienced HVAC companies offer a complete range of services for HVAC that the HVAC users can rely on. Some of the professionals also use latest techniques for sealing the ductwork such as Aeroseal duct sealing. Know more information on the duct sealing techniques by contacting a HVAC professional and find the right solution for your needs that keep your duct system efficient. When you choose a professional company for duct evaluation and duct sealing it is important to find a qualified one as such companies know the right way of doing the process. Even the old HVAC units that don’t work to their full capacity after using for some years are evaluated to improve their performance. Replacement of the unit is suggested if it is completely damaged. When the whole HVAC unit fails to work then you will be left in extreme temperatures and even the air in your room will get polluted if the system is not working correctly. This necessities in hiring a qualified HVAC professional for regular evaluation and maintenance of your HVAC system and the ductwork system.


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