Aeroseal Duct Sealing – How Effective Is It For Fixing Leaks In The Ducts?


If you have a commercial building then you probably want to find an effective solution for the leaking duct. This is because if the duct of your HVAC system is leaky then the air passing through it will escape and energy is wasted in a large quantity. Due to this reason the consumption of energy will increase as well as the pollutants emission. In such situation the quality of your indoor air is affected and the heating and cooling system can lost its ability to keep comfortable conditions in the indoor. Earlier many people were unaware about the duct leakage and it was a main reason for wastage of energy. To prevent the problem the only solution is to seal the ducts by using some sealing methods. There is a choice between the manual sealing technology like duct tapes and superior sealing technology like Aeroseal. Before choosing the right type of duct sealing technique it is important to know few things about each one of them.

The traditional way of sealing the ducts is labor intensive and time consuming. The professionals have to go on to the attics and even to the crawlspace to detect the leaks in order to seal them properly. Some types of duct systems are not accessible fully so the process of manually detecting the leaks becomes difficult. There is possibility of the duct to have some problems like poor installation, loose connected fittings, holes and breaks etc. The duct system in your building can lose its efficiency resulting in wastage of energy when any of these problems exist. So the use of appropriate duct sealing technique is necessary to fix such problems and make your HVAC system function properly. The Aeroseal sealing method is convenient and effective way of sealing the ducts when compared to conventional duct sealing methods. Using it for your building is beneficial as this type of sealing method needs less effort and time to seal even a huge portion of duct that have leakages.

Aeroseal process is quick to do and you needn’t have to inspect the unit directly. Workers seal up the heat and cooling system grilles, attach a duct sealing device to a point, measure the leaks of the system during, before and after applying the sealant to the system. If you hire a quality commercial Aeroseal duct sealing company to do this job for you then you will get all the details about the sealing process. That is the company will provide documentation that this procedure have worked, the leakage levels after and before sealing them, a graph to show the sealing process and other details. For your existing building this procedure will take nearly 4 to 8 hours to complete. The main element used in this process is Aeroseal and this is a product that is designed to fix small leaks in the duct. Workers needn’t have to spend time on the attic work while working with the equipment. To monitor the system a computer program is used that indicates when the ductwork has a low pressure. There are many benefits in using the Aeroseal sealing technique for your building.

One of the reason for choosing this method is that it can reach some inaccessible parts. The effort is less due to the absence of attic work. It is a good solution as it works efficiently regardless the way in which your system is installed. If you want a good solution for sealing small holes and duct leaks of flat roof buildings then this type of sealing technique is a right choice. It is effective solution when compared to traditional sealing methods that are mostly done manually. If your building is old then this solution doesn’t turn effective when compare to a manual duct sealing method. This is because for old buildings the ductwork needs protection and hand sealing is good option as the metal screws are used to secure it and the connection is checked by spending more time on the attic. If the workers spend more time on the attic then there is high possibility for finding problems and inspecting them thoroughly. Depending on your requirement choose the right sealing technique that not only fix the leaks in the duct but also make the system to work effectively.



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